Details of projects

To provide our students practical education, we organize many events and activities and we try to give knowledge about all the national and international events, special days etc.

In sequence of this we conducted a Model Making Competition on National Science Day 28 February 2016. RKI’ans presented different models along with their detail. All the models were working models which they prepared by their own. Our Science teachers Mrs. RishuDhameja and Mrs. RahanumaBano guided them to prepare the project. Some models are described here who got selected for inter school Science exhibition.

Cooler:-Cooler is made by Madan Sharma student of class III. It is a working model. He used waste material like parts of toys, card board etc. and connected with a battery to start it. He has shown all working functions of a cooler. It’s a great work done by a student of such a junior class without any assistance or guidance. Whatever he has learnt in the school he presented by his own mind. Well done Madan!!

Sensor light: – This project is made by ParamTejwani student of class V. It is working model of sensor light. This is used in street lights, outdoor lights. Sensor lights are consider as high security lights which work automatically to detect the figures passes through it.

Volcano:-Students of class  VI ShwetKuldeep and Madhav Sharma presented models of an active Volcano. They used vinegar and soda to show bursting of a volcano as lava. They used sand, water, hollow pipes, empty bottle, POP and some colours to show a real picture of a volcano.

Ghost House: – BhawnaVashisth of class V made this model. She prepared a scary house with pictures of ghosts, trees, skeletons, skull, faces etc. She attached this box with LED’s and small batteries.When wire is connected, colourful lights are thrown inside the box and all the scary pictures present an amazing view.